Sunday, 15 October 2017

Saturday, 30 September 2017

Bus Two's Auckland Adventure

Here are some photos and videos of bus 2 from our trip down to Auckland.

MOTAT educators took us into their flight classroom to learn about drag, lift, air pressure, weight, and thrust. This linked really well back to our Term theme 'Up, Up, and Away!' Our kids were excited to see experiments we had done in class for our science fair built on in the MOTAT flight classroom. We then got to catch the tram to MOTAT's main building, for more hands on interactive learning. A big hit was the Sunlight exhibition as you can see in the following link.
Bus 2 at Motat

Bus Two then headed off to the Zoo. Dave and Erin were amazing educators. After we had our orientation talk, we got to wander around with our groups exploring the zoo. We meet back for a BBQ dinner, set up our beds, then Erin played a true/false animal game with us. After dinner we had a look in the store room where they keep all the animal food. Erin gave us a close up look at a frozen rat, ew! There were definitively interesting foods and spices we did not expect to see, like coffee and curry powder! After the store room we covered our torches in red cellophane, so we didn't hurt any eyes (animals or humans), and Dave and Erin took us around for a night walk and talk.

After such a full day of adventure it didn't take long for our amazing kids to fall asleep!

The next morning after we packed up Erin took us on another educational tour as some of the animals were let out into their enclosures. Check out the following link for our zoo sleep over photos and see if you can spot the Team Maunga monkeys.
Bus 2 at the Zoo

Our next stop was Kelly Tarlton's. This was always a big hit with the kids. They took us into the classroom where we got to learn and touch treasures from the sea. They also showed us the video of how Kelly Tarlton's was built underground. We then got to explore around with our groups. Click on the link to see the kids exploring.
Bus 2 at Kelly Tarlton's

Thank you all for your support and help with our trip, from fundraising to parent helpers.  As you can see on their faces the learning opportunities and experiences were really well appreciated by our tamariki.

Make sure you check back on our blog for the iMovie trailers the kids made of the trip.

Monday, 18 September 2017

Visiting Harold

Last week our class had a visit from our very special friend, Harold. He taught us to be safe, kind, caring and sharing friends. We also learnt about being bucket fillers to keep our friends and teachers happy.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

August Reading Certificates

Another 90 Night reading Certificate!  Well done Laylah.  You are amazing.  It is no wonder that your are progress in your reading as quickly as you are!

Well done to our 60 nights reading certificate people too!  Keep up the awesome effort!

Sunday, 10 September 2017

Duffy Role Model Assembly

Today we had a very special visitor by the name of Rachel Wharerau, (stage name Temara Star) visit Ohaeawai school for Duffy role model assembly. We were very privileged to hear her sing an original song called Dream-Catcher which was about encouraging people to follow their dreams.

We can't wait to get our Duffy books later this term!

"It's cool to read, it's cool to succeed!" 

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Place Value Maths

Recently we have been learning face value, place value and total value and using place value equipment to help us with maths problems.  Below is a picture of us working in pairs to add place value equipment together.

Here are some pictures of what we needed to be able to understand before we could to this activity above.  

"We have enjoyed using the place value equipment as we can see what the numbers look like".



Monday, 4 September 2017

Welcome to Team Maunga!

On Monday the newbies moved into Room 5 and 6 to learn. They are Saxdyn, Frank, Riah, and Heidi. It is so much fun because we can help them. When we play with them they are kind to us.
We love having them in our team!
By Sienna M and Stella

I like Team Maunga because we do different learning. 
By Heidi
Team Maunga is good because we do spelling.
By Frank
I feel happy in Team Maunga because I like to work. My friends are here.
By Riah
I like doing work in Team Maunga. I like drawing pictures about the book.
By Saxdyn

Thursday, 31 August 2017

Shiah rides a bike

This term we have been very lucky to have a new student start with us.  His name is Shiah.  He has been part of a small bike riding group that goes out each morning to ride with Amiee.  Shiah initially didn't believe he could ride a bike, but now look at him go!  

He will be racing around our school bike track in no time.
Great work Shiah!

Adding 2 digit numbers using place value

In class this week we have moved on from hungry nines and super hungry 8's to revisiting place value.  We are now learning to use this to  add problems with larger numbers.  Below are some rewindable learning moments we wanted to share so we could all look back at them and remember how to solve these sorts of problems, and also how to talk about solving these sorts of problems.

Not only is this a great way to remember for ourselves, It will also help us develop the ability to explain this to others for our student led workshops that we run on Fridays.  

Friday, 25 August 2017

Hip Hop rewindable learning

This term we have been having Hip Hop sessions with Horrace.  We really are enjoying learning all the moves for our new dances each week, but sometimes its hard to remember all the steps, so we decided to make some movies to help us practice when Horrace isn't with us so we can become even more confident with our dances.

We wanted to share it here on our blog so we could revisit it ourselves, but feel free to watch and learn the steps to.  Be sure to let us know how you go with it.

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Cross Country

We all did really well in our School Cross Country.  

We are very lucky as our school cross country is also the local inter-schools cross country.  Here are some photos of us doing a walk through will all our local schools.  

We love our cross country track.  A big thanks to our Local Farmer Mr Gravatt who lets us use the paddocks around our school to make this event so memorable - complete with cow poo and mud!

Monday, 21 August 2017

Whaea Mal and Whaea Hellen

We are having fun with Whaea Mal and Whaea Hellen in Team Maunga learning with us!
They have been reading to us, and helping us with our work like maths. We now have 4 teachers!
By Te Marama

Wednesday, 16 August 2017


Morning View of our school entrance way!  Just a few strange characters here!

 Going for a parade in our local community!  We enjoyed going through the neighboring preschool and then around past our local shops.  

 Back at school (our class) we had a quick snap shot of our classes amazing costumes before we went off for some fun activities run across all levels in all classes!

 Mrs G's group did a Coding in the morning followed by a Dr Seuss Breakout.  Great learning and collaborating across all year levels - Love seeing Te Maunga kids learning alongside the Te Moana kids and also being able to tell the Te Moana kids what they think will work.  

Great breaking into the breakout box all of you.

Ohaeawai's Science Fair

Here are a few snapshots that students took of each other presenting at our recent Science Fair.  The children were fantastic presenters and got better and better as the time went on.  In the end they were making people who were coming to visit make predictions about what they though would happen when they re-did the experiment and then asked further questions about what might happen if one of the variables were changed.  Great learning

"What do you think will happen when we turn on the hair dryer?"
"What object will go the highest?"
"What would happen if we used a different setting on the hair dryer?"

"This is how we made a paper areoplane..."
"What would happen if we used different paper?"
"What would happen if we made smaller/bigger planes?" 

"What do you think will happen to the duvet when we turn the fan on?"
"What would happen if someone was inside it?"
"What would happen if Mrs G's phone was on-top of it?"
"What would happen if the hole around the fan was bigger?"

 "What will happen when we let the balloon go?"
"Does it matter how much air is inside the balloon?"
"Does it matter where we attach the balloon?"

Monday, 14 August 2017

How to Make a Paper Plane

For the last week we have been learning about air pressure. Veon wanted to make a paper plane to see what would happen to it with the pressure from different air forces. On Monday we learnt how to make a paper plane. We looked at YouTube tutorials to show us how people present instructions. Olivia, Ella, Shiah, and Kaira have put together a video explaining how to make a basic paper plane. The Hovercrafts (reading group) wrote up the steps for us on Pic Collage. Tomorrow we will try to follow these instructions to make planes to test with different air pressures, like a fan, hair dryer, or air released from a balloon. Cheyne wants to try and make different designs to see which paper plane will fly the longest distance.
Check out our video to see if you can make a paper plane. Please let us know how it goes!

Yay! Balloon Rocket Experiment

For science we have been investigating different ways to make things move using air.  This is one we did today.

What will happen to the Balloon Rocket when we let it go.
We think the balloon rocket will go half the distance from one of our teachers whiteboards to the orange table.
First, we got some string. Second, we blew the Balloon Rocket up and then put the straw on the string and attached the balloon rocket to the straw with cello tape. Last, we let the Balloon Rocket go. Yay!! it went to the other side!!!!
Materials we used:
Balloon, string, straw and cello tape.

By Tanner & Zavier

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

July Reading Certificates

 In Te Maunga we continue to have some fantastic Readers.  Below are the students who have achieved a massive 90 nights reading.  You guys are amazing!

Here are the students who achieved 60 nights reading as well!  Keep up the awesome effort!