Thursday, 11 May 2017

Back into it with 30 night reading certificates

Well done Jake and Lucas on achieving your 30 night reading certificates.  Jake with all the reading you have done last year and this year, it is no wonder that you have flown from NZ and are now flying around the world with your reading levels.  Lucas you have made such fantastic improvements since you started in our class this year.  Make sure you keep it up when you move on to your next school later this month!

Also thank you Jayme for being the photographer so we made sure we captured this achievement. Mrs S and I love having such independent students in our class.  


  1. Awesome work!! Well done to you both!

  2. Wow!!!! exciting to see the reading certificates and to know that there are 30 of them. Does that mean it's your whole class? I like the map in behind you in the picture with the string connected to it.

  3. Wow, how awesome is this Room 5 and 6. I always say readers are leaders. Well done! Which books were your favourite? Kind Regards Mrs Maritz from Park Estate